Our goal each vintage is to make a wine that is true to Jericho Canyon Vineyard. Looking for maximum flavors, we work closely with our winemakers to determine when to pick the grapes. Because of our hillside location in the canyon, the grapes typically ripen later than the fruit on the valley floor. This means we often let the fruit hang into late October or early November. Although this heightens the stress for us, it allows the grapes additional time to develop the flavors which distinguish Jericho Canyon Vineyard wines.

Once we have picked, sorted, and destemmed the fruit, it is cold soaked for 4-5 days. We then slowly raise the temperature for maximum extraction. Some of the juice is fermented with native yeasts, while other lots are inoculated to further control the fermentation.  Once dry, the wine is moved into the cave to complete malolactic fermentation in barrel.  It is barrel aged for approximately 18-20 months in French oak and racked only as needed.  The wine is then bottled without filtration. Following bottling, the wine is aged another 12-24 months before it is released to our club members and mailing list. Because the tannins are supple, the wine is ready to drink immediately; however, these same tannins give the wine sufficient structure to cellar well for many years.